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Tim Tebow: Will Trade Rumors Pick Up If Brady Quinn Beats out Tebow for No. 2?

From Bleacher Report – Tennis

Tim Tebow is officially benched for the 2011 NFL season until Kyle Orton blows the starting job.  Tebow is no longer competing to lead the Denver Broncos into battle, but to take over if Orton were to go down with an injury.  If Brady Quinn beats out Tebow as the Broncos second string quarterback than trade rumors will begin to erupt.

Tebow was drafted in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft with the idea that he would eventually become Denver’s franchise quarterback.  Now that the coach who selected him in Josh McDaniels is gone, that idea of Tebow taking over may be out the window as well.  If Quinn, a first round bust, were to be placed ahead of Tebow on the depth chart, the Broncos front office would be sending a message that they have no loyalty to the former Florida Gator.

FOX reported that Tebow himself was never guaranteed the starting job, at least by the new regime saying: “Absolutely not, and they never would have said anything to me like that, at all.  The whole time it was ‘Come in and compete,’ and that’s what you want, that’s what I love doing.”

Again, Tebow isn’t in competition with Kyle Orton, but with Brady Quinn.  Head coach John Fox talked to the media about Quinn who has been splitting reps with Tebow throughout training camp saying:

“We are evaluating him.  This is our eighth day ever as a staff, so we’re getting to know the players and the players are beginning to understand us.  Brady deserves an opportunity and we are going to see what we have.”

The Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins are two football teams that are in desperate need for an upgrade at quarterback that could be interested in Tebow if he were to be put on the block.  I highly doubt Quinn will be able to outplay Tebow, but if he does, his days in Denver will be numbered.


David Daniels is a Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report and a Syndicated Writer.  Follow him on Twitter.

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